About Repair My HDD

Repair My HDD specializes in retailing hard drives, hard drive circuit boards, hard drive parts, data recovery tools, and other hard drive diagnostic equipment and accessories. We offer a large selection of rare, outdated, discontinued, and modern hard drives and PCBs. Donor Drives carries about every part necessary for data recovery and hard drive repair projects.

Apart from our wide selection of hard drives and parts, we also offer many data recovery tools. From novice gadgets to the most professional data recovery equipment—we carry it all. For clients who pursue data recovery and hard drive repair for personal purposes, we offer free hard drive diagnostics and an affordable PCB repair service.

Everything we sell originates in our warehouse, located in Eastlake, OH. Our products are ready to be shipped or picked up at any time.

Our Mission

“Repair My HDD mission is to be a one-stop parts and equipment solution for data recovery companies and an affordable option for anyone affected by data loss” - Don Glushko, CEO & Founder of Donor Drives LLC 

We look forward to your business, and thank you for choosing Repair My HDD for all your data recovery needs.